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   A New way looking at working out!

Time to flip the SWITCH, stay CURRENT & EMPOWER yourself

Fitness from a Behavioural point of view


He/She is a human being that can discern between love or fear, light or dark experiences. A Illumi has mastered resilience and emotional intelligence to consciously live in the present moment at his/her fullest and create the life that they wish for them.

IllumiNate Coachings

Flick the switch, shed some light on what's important for you to grow and enjoy YOUR life.

Design your experience - The all in one sessions

This is like PT PLUS* what personal training was meant to be. A behavioural approach and a fresh look on how to stay current with techniques, tips & tricks that deals with mental health (self-sabotaging thoughts, guilt, shame, fear, esteem) when starting your journey in feeling healthy. Because we all know EVERYTHING starts with THE MIND.

  • Design

    To understand and configure your drive. How to master your moods* so you can face different emotions such as guilt, shame, procrastination, frustration etc...

  • Focus

    Focus on what's most important, develop according to your pace and what you can do to grow, both body and mind.

Go Solo interview with Behavioural Personal Trainer entrepreneur

Coaching Unique niche & Journey.

I felt honoured to be a part of this wonderful support system for small company entrepreneurs. With a particular niche in assisting people in single parent families, my approach to improving the body comes second to enhancing the mental health.I want to dispel the myth that "simply going to the gym" will suffice. To make a permanent change. It is simply not true.Particularly when dealing with considerably more serious concerns. Revealing and confronting them will strengthen not just your body but also your relationships.

Don't take it from me here are the reviews

John N
"Definitely recommended. He has amazing nutritional guidelines and because of it I was able to reach my goal.Tkx!"

5 Stars

Katie H
"Very empathetic person. Really attentive to your needs. Always finds a way to make you laugh even on days you sometimes don't want to be there. Thank you my experience was amazing because of it."

5 Stars

Melissa S
"He catered to my intense training style. Exactly what I wanted. I ended up looking fabulous for my wedding. Thanks Nate!"

5 Stars

Mike S
"It's been a difficult beginning restarting my journey to lose weight again but with his guidelines I was able to mentally prepare myself and make it more of a lifestyle than a quick fix. One of the best trainers in Ottawa"

5 Stars


I empathize with what you're going through

"If you don't go within, you go without" - Neale Donald Walsh-

  • "Motivation" has a thing called a "snap back effect". Meaning it is not a long lasting feeling nor is it a permanent one. If it were the case everyone on earth would be happy, fit and healthy.

  • Shame, Guilt, and self-sabotage takes over "Motivation" even before you start.

  • 95% of behaviour in your daily tasks is subconscious. Only 5% is conscious!

  • With an average of 57 000 thoughts a day, are your thoughts always supportive, self-empowering and encouraging?

  • IllumiNate coachings is about utilizing a realistic approach on mental health to shed light on negative habits and unhealthy behaviours.

  • Counselling is a process in which the client wishes to achieve personal growth in their life and overcome challenges and obstacles that they may be encountering.

  • Acting as a guide in enabling the client to overcome their obstacles and challenges for themselves and where appropriate provided structure and method to the process of analyzing the challenge and aiding the client in developing strategies and ways of thinking to accomplish this change.

IllumiNate Coachings

Design to get a clear view on discerning emotional resilience and apply it to physically feel better so you can train better

Empower yourself so you can be a rock for another

IllumiNate Coachings


"He is very knowledgeable, thorough, empathetic "
Catherine T.
"He is a great listener. He hears what YOU WANT and construct something specifically for your needs. I was able to explain my issues and he was able to eased the pain almost immediately. It was so impressive I sign up right away"

Who is behind IllumiNate?

Inside the idea

Driven to be in the service of others, Nathanael "Heat" Semajuste created "IllumiNate Coachings".A personal trainer/counsellor and creator of the IllumiNate program. When I created this program, I was in a place in my life where many of you are currently; depressed, aimless, and purposeless. I spent many of those days procrastinating and deflecting what needed to be addressed. As time went by, these issues became too heavy to bear. It affected my personal relationships, my finances, my mental well-being, and my health through unhealthy weight gain. It was not until I was able to have a reflective look at my destructive patterns and behaviours; this in turn, forced me to challenge my own beliefs and conventions. And through this journey of self discovery, I’ve acquired many tools that will help you achieve your own goals and improve your overall well-being.

  • Certifications

    • Counselling Practitioner Certification

    • ISSA Personal Training Certification

    • ISSA Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification

    • BrookBush Institute Corrective Exercises Specialist Certification

    • BrookBush Institute Performance Program Design Certification

    • Body Language Certification

    • Customer Care Certification

    • Holistic Health Certification

    • Improve Your Social Skills Certification

    • Introduction To Sports Nutrition Certification

    • Mental Health Awareness Certification

    • Sports Psychology certification

    • Counselling Children and Adolescents certification

    • Mental Wellbeing in Children Certification

    • Mindfulness For Children Certification

    • Mindful Listening Certification

    • Mental Health & Neuroplasticity Certification

    • Self Hypnosis For Personal Development & Healing Certification

    • Reiki Level 1Certification

  • Personal Accomplishments

    • Reacquiring Health Advisor guest on CHUO FM 89.1.

    • Runner up for WBFF Fitness Modeling

    • Top 50 out of 2,500 in "So you think you can dance" in Montreal. I made it to the "celebrity Judges".

    • Started in a few independent movies

Illuminate Coachings


I pride myself in transparency, honesty and professionalism when it comes to my work. Rate varies according to amount of sessions per services
Personal Training

$50 per/ 30 min*

  • Customized fitness plan.

  • Nutritional coaching & daily nutritional plan base on recommendation.

  • Performance monitoring.

  • Corrective Exercises awareness.

  • Premium quality customer care service.

  • 24h Gym Access

  • Counseling / Mental health support


$70 per/ 60 min

  • Covid Focused. Help understand the how to guide you through the hardship of covid.

  • Understand self-awareness.

  • How to deal with self sabotage thinking.

  • Increase confidence.

  • Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence.

  • Learn how to build your resilience.

Group Training (3 minimum people)

$30 per/ Hr

  • Experience a fun, uplifting atmosphere with a unique holistic mindful approach on exercises targeted to please every single clients personal goals.

  • Help build social skills

  • Positive competitive environment

  • Be part of a community to help achieve your wellness goals.

Group Counselling & Training (3 minimum people)

$55 per/ Hr

  • Tailor your communication skills. Learn multiple social techniques to improve your engagement with people.

  • Help build social skills.

  • Positive competitive environment.

  • Be part of a community to help achieve your wellness goals.

  • A chance to share your experiences with similar people.

Other Options

Personalize your Payments

Customize your plan by choosing what works best for you


Step 1

This allows you to pick how often you would like to train in a week. Once, twice or three or more a week. Selecting more sessions a week will reduce hourly cost. Example x3 1hr sessions per week is $80* regular price is $96.05 tx incl.


Step 2

You can then choose the amount of time you have available for your sessions. In some cases parents can only dedicate 30 min ($50 per/s) or even 45 min ($65 per/s) in their day. Sometimes one hour is just not possible. Either way, you have options to choose from.


Step 3

Finally choose a realistic time frame (4 months, 6 months etc..) that you would like to invest on reaching your objective. *Be mindful on having a healthy understand that dedication is needed for this to be an enjoyable journey for growth, therefor transformation*

IllumiNate Coachings

In Merivale

Iluminate Coachings

174 Colonnade rd #29

(613) 777-4136

Mon-Fri: 8 am-10 pm, Sat: 10 am-4 pm, Sun: online coaching

"Change is not a challenge it's a choice. So if you want to change don't make it challenging."

"Make it simple"

-Nate Heat-



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